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6th Generation Family-Owned Farm

Just about 20 miles South of Asheville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a small spring supplies Battle Creek with water that leads to the mighty French Broad. At the water supply, a family settled in the 1700's and to this day, people with a direct lineage still occupy parts of the land. 

The stories are plenty and the history is rich, we are proud and grateful for your interest in our farm.


The town of Horse Shoe is where many generations of our family have called home. Tales from the old Hotel, the Civil War, family members riding horseback to Colorado and back, a renegade woman who took a train to the World's Fair in Chicago and graduated from college in the 1920's, two World Wars, loved ones born, loved ones lost, unlikely friendships, fields full of Native American arrowheads, an award-winning 600 head herd of beefalo, an 84 year old woman, likened to Mother Earth, who now raises a large garden and a small herd of less than 25 cattle... 

Sounds like the makings of a great novel or Hollywood movie, right?

It's not, it is just our story, our family, our history... and it is one that we want to keep moving forward while maintaining the integrity of the land and our family name.


Join us this September for our first annual Pumpkin Patch and Fall Market.

Stories will be shared, crops and animals will be enjoyed, more memories and stories will be made for the generations to come.   

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